Who am I?

In college, I major in English with concentrations in creative writing and professional writing, which helps explain my passion as a writer. Even though I am just graduating this year, sometimes I feel like I have an old soul. Recently I was diagnosed with a gluten-intolerance and learning how to convert my entire diet in the mist of a crazy college life is difficult. While I miss many foods I am working to learn to convert my many favorite foods into gluten-free versions.

On the other hand traveling is my secret passion and I am working to do more of it. There is just something about traveling to a new place by yourself so enriching. Sometimes it takes breaking out of your comfort zone to learn more about yourself and what you want.

Not to mention that being gluten-intolerant can cause problems while traveling and if I’m not prepared when traveling I can end up stuck somewhere without food. However, this challenges me to find gluten-free options when I travel. But traveling is so much more than food and finding gluten-free restaurants. It is about being prepared through research: what to wear, where to stay, where NOT to stay, things to see and do.

My Little Kitty

I have a little kitty named Bailey who keeps me company on the long nights of studying and after work. Her sassiness and funny personality keeps my life lively and entertaining. She dropped into my life from an unfortunate situation and while I had to readjust my budget for her, I’d never go back. Plus she can’t stay away from my gluten-free bread so I feel we meant to be!